Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lord God,

Why am I so easily deceived? Why is it so easy for me to believe that true joy and happiness can be found in the things of this world? Why am I so willing to doubt your provision, protection and grace? It’s not like you haven’t blessed me. It’s not as if I haven’t read your promises or seen the amazing ways you work in the lives of your people. I’ve seen what you can do. I’ve experienced it in my own life, and yet; I doubt you. With my mouth, I profess faith in you, while my heart and mind fail to trust.

Though, I’d like to believe that I might have responded differently to the serpent in the garden, I know it’s a foolish thought. Like Adam and Eve, my faith is weak and my resolve is frail. I cave to temptation like a blade of grass being crushed under foot, and I simply don’t know the way. I have no, good excuse, let alone, a reasonable defense. I’m guilty, and that’s that. So all I can do is beg for your mercy.

I’m guilty, Lord, of failing to love and obey you as I should, and putting my own desires ahead of yours. I’m guilty of worshiping the idols of my heart, such as money, entertainment, new things, family, friends, health, happiness, and love. I’m guilty of hypocrisy when I expect better from others than I expect from myself. I’m guilty of self-righteousness, when I judge their sins more vile than my own. I’m guilty of so many offenses, Lord; I could fill volumes with the selfish things that I think, say, and do every day, and for that I am deeply sorry.

Forgive me, gracious God, when I blame others for the anger in my heart, as if they had control over me. Forgive me of the hateful, envious things I think, when I tell myself that I’m more deserving of the things that others have. Forgive me for believing I am holier, more spiritual, more gracious, honest, and righteous. Do not send me away from your presence, or keep me from seeking your forgiveness and grace; for I know that my sins, no matter how small they seem to me, are a serious offense against your perfect holiness, and you are my only hope.

My hope is in you, my Lord, because of your promised one, who will forgive my sin, and heal my brokenness. My hope is in the one who will crush the deceiver, and silence the lies that he tells. My hope, Lord God, is in the seed of the woman, your Son, Jesus Christ, who will restore all things and make them new.

Until that day, help me to live a life that glorifies you. Help me to offer you everything I have, with willingness and joy; for I know that all good things come from you, so I should be happy to give them back in abundance. Bless me Lord, as you have promised. Show me your goodness and favor. Do not reject me when I fail to love you as I should, but continue to sanctify me for the sake of your Son, who lived the life I could not live and died the death, I should have died, all, so I could be reconciled to you.

In his wonderful name, I pray, Amen.

~ Read: Genesis 3-4