Mercy Road Daily Prayer & Bible Reading ~ Wednesday, February 1 , 2012

~ Read Job 33-34 Text, Audio

Lord God,

Speak to me clearly and tell me your truth. Show me the way that you want me to go, because I am your creation, and your Spirit breath's life into my soul.

I know that I am not innocent. Unlike Job, I can’t say that I am without sin or guilt. My heart is prone to selfishness, and my mind is often filled with so much pride that I’m blinded to my own mistakes. I know that the anger, gossip, deceit, and such, that come from my mouth, do all sorts of damage to others. I understand that the negative things I say, always have an adverse effect on others, even when I don’t intend them too. I know I fail in so many way’s Lord, that I know the struggles I face each day are often the result of my own failures and sin, so I understand that I should not complain.

Nevertheless, I don’t understand why life must be so difficult. Though I won’t pretend that my troubles are as bad as Job’s, they still cause fear, pain, stress, and worry in my life. At times, they make me feel as though you’ve stopped listening to my requests. Sometimes, I wonder if you have abandoned me because of my disobedience. Ultimately, I know better, on an intellectual level; However, at times, my heart feels all alone, and I long to feel the comfort of your presence more tangibly.

Lord God, Job’s friend Elihu spoke the truth when he said that you are greater than any man. I have always believed that, and I confess it again now. You are sovereign over all creation. Your glory, majesty, and power are matchless. Nothing escapes your knowledge or happens without your consent. This is your world, your creation, and I am merely a part of the whole.

Gracious God, hear my prayers for mercy and healing. Listen to the one who intercedes for me, and pour out your grace upon my life; for he became my ransom. He paid the price for my sins to save me and set me free from their burden. He redeemed me that I might be reconciled to you.

Renew my spirit because of the sacrifice he made. Heal my body because of the work he has done. Rescue me just as you promised you would, by grace, through faith in your Son, Jesus Christ, my Lord, my Savior, and my God. By the power of his Spirit, I pray all these things in his holy name, Amen..