Mercy Road Daily Prayer & Bible Reading ~ Friday, February 3, 2012

~ Read Job 37-38 Text, Audio

Lord God,

Indeed, my heart pounds within me when it hears the sound of your voice; for you are mighty beyond compare, more majestic than I can comprehend. Your works are marvelous, and your power far greater than anything in the universe. Snow and rain fall to the earth at your command, while the son and moon shine at your pleasure. All good things come from your hand. Nothing happens without your knowledge.

Though some men refuse to acknowledge you, all nature bows before you and responds to your command. Animals take cover and remain in their dens. Seas become calm at the sound of your voice. Rivers stop flowing; birds stop flying, fish stop swimming and the sun stands still. All things are in your control, because you are Holy and Sovereign over all creation.

Do not be angry with me, my Maker and King, for I know I’ve been wrong, and I’ve sinned against your holiness. I know I should not grumble that life could be better. I recognize I shouldn’t complain about the things I don’t have; for when I do, I’m ultimately saying you’ve not done enough for me, and I recognize that is wrong.

I understand that your ways are not my ways. I see that your plan is beyond my wisdom. I know I have sinned against you and spoken without knowledge, so I beg for your mercy and understanding.

I was yet unformed when you created the earth, so I don’t really know how you made it from nothing. I don’t understand how you measured its dimensions, or set it in place where it stands today. I can’t comprehend how you placed the sun in the sky and stars in the sky; or how you divided the land from the sea. I admit, mighty God, that I am ignorant of such things, because you are God, and I am not; all of your ways are beyond me.

Though I have my moments of doubt, gracious God, I believe all these things to be true. Just as surely as I know that the sun will rise, I am certain that your word never fails. At the same time, I pray you’ll forgive the doubt that remains in my heart, and help my unbelief. Comfort my heart with your peace that passes all understanding. Give my heart the assurance it needs to trust you even in the darkest moments of my life, and shine your Living Light upon my soul, so that I can follow wherever you go.

By the power of your Spirit, and the grace of your Son, Jesus Christ, Amen.