Mercy Road Daily Prayer & Bible Reading ~ Tuesday, February 7, 2012

~ Read Job 41-42 Text, Audio

Gracious God,

I believe you can do anything you want. I know you can do anything that pleases you, because you are all-powerful. No one can oppose your power and might. Nothing on earth compares to you glory and beauty. Though your creation is majestic with its towering mountains and vast oceans, not even it comes close to your greatness. Nothing on earth compares to you.
Birds fly at your command, and fish swim according to your will. Every living thing demonstrates your creativity, and displays your sovereign care.

I know I confess, Lord God, I do feel like Job on occasion. When things just aren’t going well, sometimes I wonder if you are neglecting me, or punishing me for something I’ve done. When my hopes are not met, my plans seem to fail, and my friends do nothing but let me down. When loved ones get sick, die too soon, or suffer some anguish that I cannot relieve. When all that I do seem to make little difference, and I wonder if matters at all, I admit, I get discouraged. I get weary. I get weak. I get apathetic, frustrated, and mad. I admit it. I confess that I often feel like Job; because, honestly, Lord, I just don’t understand why life has to be so difficult.

However, I also recognize that your plans are bigger than my plans, and that your ways are more mysterious than mine. I realize Lord, that you see what I cannot, and discern what I can’t understand. Like Job, I know that I complain in ignorance, and would be better off saying nothing at all. At the same time, I know, that your grace is sufficient to cover even my even my unjust grumbling, and I thank you for that.

Gracious God, I repent of my brokenness and sin. I confess my selfishness and pride. I know it’s thoughtless and arrogant of me to assume that I know what’s best for myself, let alone for others. So I pray you will forgive me of all my offenses and help me to trust you to lead.

Lord, whenever I am prideful, puffed-up, and smug, assuming that I know what is best, or have all the answers, help me to be humble, submissive, and teachable, accepting that I am not as wise as I’d like to believe. Wherever I perceived as being callous, or uncaring, apathetic, cold, or unkind, give me the mercy and compassion of Christ, so I can see the suffering and hurt that others are going through and minister to them as you command me to. However, my greed, envy, and lust, might get in the way of me living for you, heal that brokenness in me Lord.

Do not let me go any longer, living the self-righteous life of a Pharisee, as if I could earn your favor and love; but help me to submit to your truth and grace in my life; for I know, that it’s not about me, my desires or preferences. It’s all about you. Thank you for teaching me that through Job, by the power of your Spirit living in me, through Jesus Christ, my Lord, I pray, Amen.