Mercy Road Daily Prayer & Bible Reading ~ Thursday, February 9, 2012

~ Read Genesis 14-15 Text, Audio

Lord God,

You are holy and just. You are faithful and true. You are my refuge in times of trouble, my provision in times of need. You make me strong when I am weak. You give me endurance when I am tired. When dangers arise, you protect me from harm, and keep me safe for your glory.

Though wars will rage around me, Lord, you will never leave my side; When guilt and sin attack the truth, you have written on my heart, and tried to convince my soul that it is not loved, and you are not good, your Holy Spirit shields me from the destructive powers of those lies, and tells me otherwise. It tells me that your Son did not die so that I could be lost to wickedness of this world. On the contrary, Christ died for my redemption. Christ died for my sin. Every day, your Spirit testifies to my soul that Christ died so I might live through him.

He died so my relationships could be restored. He died so that creation could be renewed. Christ died that my sins would be forgiven, and I would be reconciled to you. Christ died so reconciliation could occur, between God-and-man, as well as man-and-man. As a good friend likes to say, the reconciliation Jesus provides is not just a vertical reconciliation; but it’s a horizontal reconciliation as well. Yes, Jesus bring me back to God. Yes, he died to heal my internal strife, but equally important is the fact that Jesus died to heal the strife between humans.

Jesus died so that wars would end, and struggles cease. He died so fears would fade and the wounds we inflict upon one another with our critical, harsh, and judgmental words, could be healed. He died so that we could set aside our pride, and seek the forgiveness of those we’ve wronged, and offer it to those who have wronged us, even when they don’t ask for it, deserve it, or want it.

Sovereign God, it’s so contrary to the way the world works right now; it’s kind of difficult to imagine a time when such reconciliation could take place. In fact, I confess, sometimes, I doubt it ever will. Nevertheless, when I read the covenant promise you made with Abram, my heart is filled with hope, because I know you are holy and just; you are faithful and true. Just as you fulfilled your promises to your people long ago, you will continue to do for all those who trust in you today, by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

In his holy name I pray. Amen.