Mercy Road Daily Prayer & Bible Reading ~ Monday, February 13, 2012

~ Read Genesis 18-19 Text, Audio

Lord God,

Why do I doubt you? Why don’t I trust? Why do I struggle to believe that you still do miracles? Why don’t I pray with the expectation that you will do great things? After all, nothing is too difficult for you, gracious God. All things are possible through your mighty power; so why shouldn’t I expect you to do great things today? If you can fulfill your promise to Abraham and Sarah, then certainly, you can fulfill your promises to me; for you are an awesome God, and I know you can do wonderful things for your people.

I know you can renew our hearts and minds, and I pray you will do so today. I pray you will give us a deep knowledge of your word, and the sincere wisdom to apply it to our lives. Fill us with the desire to know more about you, to serve you, and glorify you in everything we do. Strengthen our faith, and help us see the great things you are doing in our midst. Give us a peace that endures the hardships of life, and a quiet confidence in your provision and care. Make yourself real to us today, I pray; and have mercy on our souls.

And Lord, it’s not just our spirits that need renewed, but our bodies as well. They’re under constant attack by sickness and time, and there’s absolutely nothing we can do to stop it. Cancers attack indiscriminately, and merciless disorders, ravage the heart, mind, lungs, muscles, and so forth. It’s painful to watch loved ones suffer so, and it’s equally scary to know that we are no less fragile.

So we pray, gracious God, that you will heal our bodies and minds. Repair our physical and emotional brokenness. Cure the diseases and disorders that rob us of dignity, and life. Show us your great compassion and care. Though we are helpless to save ourselves, we know that all things are possible for you, because your word tells us of all the amazing things, you have done for your people in the past. It shows us how you have preserved them over time, provided for their needs, and protected them from all kinds of evil and harm. It tells us how you healed them for your glory.

So heal us Lord God, because we are your people, too. Don’t allow us be crushed by the maladies that afflict this world, but demonstrate your glory once more, by restoring us to health, mind, body, and spirit. We know you can do so, and we pray that you will; not because we are worthy or deserve such grace, but simply because Christ died to redeem us, not just from our sin, but also from the brokenness it causes us.

So we pray these things in his holy name, Amen.