Mercy Road Daily Prayer & Bible Reading ~ Tuesday, February 27, 2012

~ Read Genesis 40-41 Text & Audio

Lord God,

When I read Joseph's story, my internal sense of justice is aroused. I think of how unfairly he was treated by his own family, and immediately my mind races through all the ways people in my life have mistreated me. I'll admit; I have never gone through the things that Joseph had to go through, being sold by his brothers, enslaved by his captors, and imprisoned for something he did not do; and it's a good thing, because I'm not certain I could have survived as he did. I mean, honestly God, you know how irritated I get when people mistreat me. You know how discouraged I feel when they let me down. You know how frustrated I become when others lie to me, don't do what I ask, don't follow through with what they say, and so forth. You know how personally I take everything.

What's more, Lord God, you know how hard it is for me to forgive. You've seen me hold grudges like they were precious stones. You know how easy it is for me to feel self-righteous indignation, when others offend me, because you know my sin; and yet, you love me just the same.

Though it's hard for me to understand, and sometimes difficult to believe, it's all right there before me, in black and white, impossible to deny. Joseph wasn't perfect, yet you loved for him. He didn't do everything right, but you protected him and provided for his needs. You gave him special gifts and endowed him with your power. Though he suffered plenty, you never stopped caring for him and guiding his every step, just as you do with me.

So, guide me, Lord, and protect me today. Fill me with your Spirit and cover me with your blessing, so I can be a blessing to others. Empower me to serve you and do your will with the gifts you want me to have. Use me, to minister your grace and truth to everyone I meet. Focus my mind, strengthen my hands, humble my heart, soften my words, and give me the courage to proclaim your justice and mercy in the world.

For you glory and and honor through Jesus Christ I pray, Amen.