Mercy Road Daily Prayer & Bible Reading ~ Monday, February 20, 2012

~ Read Genesis 28-29 Text & Audio

Speak to me, Lord, and reveal your will to me. Show me what you would have me do. Guide me in the way, and I will follow. Lead me, and I will go wherever you want me to go. Watch over me, just as you watched over your servant Isaac. Protect me and preserve my life, so that I may glorify you in my life.

Gracious God, while life is far from easy, you have been very good to me, far better than I deserve. In my brokenness, you heal for me. You care for me, despite my selfishness and sinful. You call me to yourself so that I might receive your blessing. You draw me close so that I can experience your love. You are a great God, and worthy of all my praise. I am grateful for your abundant mercy and grace.

Let me rest in you, Lord. Let me cease from my working and strife. Give me confidence in Jesus, and the sacrifice he did for me, so I can stop trying to win others’ approval, stop trying to earn your love. Humble my heart of my "self-righteous pursuits" to gain your approval through my good works as well as my right theology; for though both are pleasing to you, I know I am not saved by what I do, any more than I am by what I know. I am saved by grace through faith in Christ alone, who lived the life I could not live, and died the death I should have died.

Forgive me for the things I’ve done, and will do, that compelled him hang on the cross. Forgive me for all my sin. Rescue me from the guilt and condemnation that I should be under, and redeem me through Christ. Forgive my pride and my apathetic arrogance. Forgive my hypocrisy, and greed. Change my life, from the inside out, and soften my heart again.

Lord, you know my sorrows. You know my sin. You know my failures and mistakes. You know everything that I need to survive, so help me to be honest, to be humble, and true to you. Help me to trust you with a grateful heart, for the inheritance and blessings that are mine through Jesus.

In his name I pray by the power of your Spirit. Amen