Mercy Road Daily Prayer & Bible Reading ~ Wednesday, February 22, 2012

~ Read Genesis 32-33 Text & Audio

Lord God,

I know that I am unworthy of all the kindness you have shown me; and I do not deserve your blessings and love. I know that your grace and mercy are greater than anything I could ask for, and I thank you for being so good to me. I am truly grateful for the compassion you've shown me throughout my life; and I thank you for not abandoning me in my selfishness and sin.

Continue to show me your kindness, great God. Continue to show me your love. Be with me now as a new day begins, and pour out your grace in my life; for you know how much I need your forgiveness. You see how selfish I am. No matter, how much I try to hide it, you know all the sin that still hides in the dark corners of my heart. You know my pride, self-righteousness, bitterness, and greed, jealousy, hypocrisy, and lust. You know that I can't live without your great love. You know how much I still need you to guide my steps, and conform my life to you.

Lord, help me correct the mistakes I have made, and make amends for the sins I've committed. Give me the wisdom I'll need, to repair any damage I've done, to those I've sinned against. Give me the courage to seek the healing of those that I've hurt, and the forgiveness of those I've offended. Don't let me justify my selfish behavior, or make excuses for any of my sins; but make my heart humble and true to your word, so that I may bring glory to you. Compel me to do whatever I must, to undo all the wrongs that I've done. Help me, great God, to change my ways, to be more like Jesus.

Calm the anxieties that arise in my heart when I think about repairing my broken relationships. Remove the fears that keep me from doing what I know in my heart I must do. Give me the courage to take the first step toward reconciliation, even when I know it's going to be difficult, and quite possibly, painful for me. Help me to take on the attitude of a servant, just as Jacob did when he reconciled with is brother, Esau. Help me to imitate your humility and grace, Lord Jesus, even when others are angry at me.

Likewise, Lord, help me to forgive those who've offended me, just as I seek to be forgiven. Remove all the bitterness, anger, and hurt that would keep me from doing so. Give me the insight to look upon their sins and recognize they are no more wicked than my own. Help me to remember the one thing we have in common, which is the need for forgiveness, redemption, and grace that you offer through Jesus, your Son.

In his name I pray, Amen.