Mercy Road Daily Prayer & Bible Reading ~ Wednesday, February 28, 2012

~ Read Genesis 42-43

Almighty God,

Be gracious to me and grant me your mercy. Show me your unfailing love; for your love is better than anything this world has to offer: better than money, better than sex, better than power, and fame. Your love is: better than drugs, exercise, beauty or knowledge, relaxation, alcohol, and food. It's better than: wisdom, health, happiness, sunshine, blue skies, summer days, and air. Your love, Lord God, is better than: a great view from the top of a mountain, the prettiest sunset over the vast ocean, or the nicest sprig day I can imagine. Your love is better than: the greatest song ever sung, and the best book written; the finest wine fermented, and the best art created. Your love is better than: the coolest tech gadgets, the most expensive clothes, the fastest cars, and the biggest houses. Your love is the best thing my heart could desire.

Be gracious to me, God, and grant me your mercy. Show me your unfailing love, because sometimes I struggle to feel it. Often, I wonder if I get it at all. When I read about your great love in the Bible, I have no problem understanding it says, and accepting it on an intellectual level; but more often than not, it feels like something gets lost in translation between my head and my heart, and just doesn't sink in the way I'd like it to, think it should, or wish it would.

Is it me? Am I doing something to hinder my growth? Is my heart hard toward you? Is my sin getting in the way? If there is anything I can do to change this, Lord, please tell me what it is. Tell me what I need to do, so I can get it done, and continue to walk with you.

Help me, Lord Jesus, to resist the things that tempt me to go my own way. Stomp out the motives and thoughts in my heart that make is difficult for your word to sink in. Though I know it will hurt for you to remove my sin so that I can be devoted to you, prune my arrogance and pride, my envy and greed, my selfishness, bitterness and lust. Wash away the quilt of my past failures and mistakes; remove the shame of my sin, and help me accept your forgiveness so that I can forgive others in my life.

Be gracious to me, God, and grant me your mercy. Show me your unfailing love. Take care of me, and those that I love. Help us to stay close to you. By the power of your Holy Spirit, through Jesus Christ, my Lord, I pray. Amen.