16 Keys for Preaching a Sermon from Mars Hill Church

Mark Driscoll's 16 Key's for Preaching

1.    Tell me about Jesus.
2.    Have one big idea
3.    Get my attention in the first 30 seconds without being gimmicky.
4.    Bring me along theologically and emotionally. 
5.    Make me like you, trust you, and respect you so that I can't dismiss you.
6.    Avoid Christian jargon and explain your terms. 
7.    Don't have points as much as a direction and destination.
8.    Don't show me how smart you are, because it makes me feel dumb.
9.    Invite lost people to salvation.
10.  Whether it feels like a wedding or a funeral, be emotionally engaging and compelling.
11.   Look like someone who has it together from clothes to haircut to overall presentation.
12.  Tell the truth and don't be a coward.
13.  If you get lost or mess up, make a joke about yourself and keep me interested
14.  Don’t just preach repentance but also practice it.
15.   Answer some objections.
16.  "It" is the presence and power of the Holy Spirit in you and through you.

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