Mercy Road Daily Prayer & Bible Reading ~ Tuesday, March 6, 2012

~ Read Genesis 50

Lord God,

Death is a stark reminder that this world is a broken place. It demonstrates the destructive power of sin (Rm. 6:23), and brings to the surface, the various disappointments and losses we experience throughout life. The short and long-term pain we feel when a loved one dies is unlike any other experience in this world, just as Joseph's story reveals.

Lord, the seventy days Joseph mourned for his father, speak volumes of the impact death has on us. No other event could bring our lives to a complete stop for such an extended period of time. However, the death of a loved one, has such a profound impact on us, it does just that. It brings everything in our world to a halt. It causes us to pause and think about our own mortality. It makes us stop-to-reflect on our lives. Death forces us to consider what is really important to us, which ultimately makes us long for you.

Death makes us long for your comfort. Death makes us wish for your peace. Death makes us realize how much we need your mercy and grace, because in death, we see what it would be like to be separated from you. As difficult as it is to beat, the pain we experience when death separates us from a loved one, is a very small glimpse of the pain we'd feel if we were separated from you, Lord, and we don't like it at all. It hurts. It scares us. Death fills our hearts with worry, anger, grief, and despair, emotions that only you can fully understand. Feelings that only you can truly heal.

Lord God, we need your healing, and we need your grace. We need you the forgiveness that Christ provides, and we need your peace. We need you, loving God, to rescue us from the trials and troubles of the day, that threaten to overwhelm us. We need you to save us from the temptation, and sin and leads us away from you. Lord Jesus, most of all, we need your forgiveness for everything we've done that's offensive to you, so that you can teach us how to forgive everyone who has offended us.

Help us to let go of our bitterness, Lord, so that it no longer has a power over us. Open our eyes so that we can see others through the lenses of your grace. Soften our hearts and help us accept that our sin is just as bad as others' sin. And restore our relationship with them and with you.

Let me walk by the power of your Holy Spirit, today, and trust you, in everything that I do.

By your grace and for your glory and pray, all these things through Jesus. Amen