Mercy Road Daily Prayer & Bible Reading ~ Thursday, March 8, 2012

~ Read Exodus 3-4

Lord God,

You are holy and righteous. You are glorious and true. In your goodness, you have spoken to me through your word. In love, you have guided me by your Spirit. You reveal your truth to me, Lord, so that I can know you, and learn to follow your ways. You demonstrate your glory and power so that I will worship and serve. You care for me and protect me, so I can experience your peace. You forgive me, so I can be reconciled to you.

Lord, I know I am not worthy to be in your presence. I know I'm not perfect and pure. I am sinful, not holy, unfaithful, not true. I am selfish and unjust. I am nothing like you. At my best, I am broken. At my worst I am vile. In one way or another, I am guilty of sinning against you and everyone else I know, yet you love me anyway and call me to yourself. You don't allow my brokenness to be a barrier but instead, tear it down with your mercy and grace through sacrifice of Jesus.

Because you saw the suffering and pain caused by my sin, and the damage caused by those who sinned against me, you stepped into my life and rescued me. You saw my brokenness for what it was, and restored me to health. You promised that I would live with you and never be separated from your love. O Lord, how I long for that day and wish it were here right now. Though I love my life, I do look forward to the day when this life's toils has come to an end, and my days are filled with the joy and peace of your presence.

Until then, I will worship you as you deserve, and serve you in whatever way you command. I will speak your truth to all that I meet and demonstrate you love in everything that I do. I will worship and serve with the gifts that you give me and the strength you provide. And though I know you may call me to minister to people, in places, and situations that stretch me out of my comfort zone; I will go boldly wherever you lead, knowing your Spirit is with my, and your word will not fail.

Give me the courage the confidence to speak your name, Lord God. Help me to be faithful in my service to you, wherever I am, whatever I do. Give me the wisdom to know when to remain silent, and help me overcome my fears of rejection. Use me, a broken vessel, just as you used your servant Moses, to glorify and honor your name.

By your grace and for your glory I pray these things in Jesus' name, Amen.