Mercy Road Daily Prayer & Bible Reading ~ Monday, March 12, 2012

~ Read Exodus 7-8

Lord God,

You are the defender of the weak, and the rescuer of all who are oppressed. You are the comforter of those who are in pain, and the sustainer of all who despair. You provide for those who love you, and preserver their lives, even when it seems you are not there. You offer hope to everyone who is burdened with worries and fears. You shower your people with blessing in abundance when nothing else is going right. You hear the prayers of the lonely, the fearful, the hurt, and sad. You care for them in their pain. You recognize the frustrations of those who have been cheated, hurt, maligned, and defeated. You understand the struggles of those who wrestle with addiction. You see the brokenness we cause when we think only of ourselves, as well as the pain we carry around because of the way we have been mistreated. Gracious, and mighty God, you see all the suffering that we endure, and you respond out of compassion and love.

You respond by reminding us that you are our God, and we are your people. You promise us that nothing will separate us from your love. You prove to us that your promise is true, by demonstrating your power over all creation, giving us all the more reason to trust in you; for, if you can turn a staff into a snake, certainly you can save a wretch like me, and heal the damage I have done to myself and others. And if you can turn the Nile into blood, surely you can restore our broken relationship and bring me back to you. If you can free your people from Pharaoh's arrogance and oppression, you can redeem me and forgive my sin.

I believe this, Lord, I know that it's true, at least I know it in my head, but I really need you, to make it true to my heart. I don't want to live with doubt anymore; I want to know the assurance that you give. I don't want to carry around the shame and guilt of my past failures; I need to know the forgiveness that you provide. I don't want to continue feeling the pain of the hurtful things others have said to me, or the lies I've chosen to believe about myself; I want to know the healing that comes from you, by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. I want to be free from the brokenness that my sin has caused. I want to live wholly in you.

By your grace and for your glory I pray all these things, Amen.