Mercy Road Daily Prayer & Bible Reading ~ Friday, March 2, 2012

~ Read Genesis 46-47

Lord God,

I offer myself as a living sacrifice, because I am thankful for the blessings you have given me. I give my life to you, because you are a faithful and true to your promises. Just as you have done for your people throughout history, so too you always provide for me, love me, forgive, and protect me. You are a kind, merciful, and generous God. Your grace and truth never fail.

Gracious God, when I read about how you cared for Joseph and his entire family, I know I have nothing to fear. You are powerful enough to provide everything that I need, and because you love me, I know you will do so. However, for some reason, I still worry. I want to trust you with everything and in every way, but I don’t know how. My heart feels so fickle, and my faith so weak. I don’t want to be this way, but sometimes it’s difficult to feel otherwise. When my obligations and responsibilities are pulling me every which way, and I can’t seem to get ahead. When one relationship falls apart because I’m working to keep another one together. When my day overwhelms me, and I feel helpless and stuck, I worry about how it’s all going to work out. I worry about whether you will save me before I sink. I know I have no reason to, Lord. I know I shouldn’t worry, yet do. I just can’t seem to stop.

Father God, forgive my doubt and replace it with trust. Fill me with the confidence of your Spirit’s power, and save me from my unbelieving heart. Forgive me when I seek others’ approval, and look to the things in this world for meaning and contentment. Forgive me when I try to do things myself , and think that I have all the answers. Forgive me when I go my own way and fail to follow you. Forgive me when I am not who you call me to be.

Soften the hardness that seeps into my heart every time someone offends or disappoints me, and help me to see the seriousness of my own sin before worrying about the sin of others. Give me the faith to rely on you and trust in your grace for all my needs.

Be with my friends, my enemies, and all who are in between. Open their hearts to your truth, bless them just as you have blessed me, and provide for their every need. Protect and care for them as they go about their day, whether they are mindful of you, or not. Guide the decisions they make for your glory, and honor yourself through the work that they do. Show your face, and make yourself known to every heart and mind, and use me to accomplish your purposes, by the power of your Holy Spirit living in me.

In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.