Mercy Road Daily Prayer & Bible Reading ~ Wednesday, March 14, 2012

~ Read Exodus 11-12

Lord God,

Sometimes it feels like my sin won't let me go. No matter how hard I try, or how well I resist the temptations, I always seem to slip back into the selfish patterns and harmful habits that lead me away from you. It feels like I am a slave to my sin, unable to make the right decisions or gain my own freedom. It's frustrating, Lord, and painful to my soul, because I know what you have done for me. I know I'm redeemed by the blood of your Lamb, Jesus Christ.

I know it's his sacrifice that saves me. I know I'm forgiven because of him. I know he endured the judgment I deserve. I know that his blood covers all my sin. I know that he suffered on the cross for me. I know he released me from my failures, guilt, and shame. I know there is nothing I can do to add to what he has done. I know that he died for my freedom.


I know these things are true, Lord God, and I regularly celebrate them in worship, at your table; yet I often forget them throughout the week when I am trying to stay afloat amid all the stresses, worries, and fears that I face. How am I suppose to celebrate my freedom from guilt and sin when I continue to wrestle with the same problems and failures, day in, and day out? How am I to let go of my worries and fears when I can't see the answers to the troubles that I face? How can I rest in you and find peace when I can't get ahead no matter how hard I work? How do I trust in your promises when nothing else in this world has proven trustworthy?

I can't do it, Lord. It's too hard, tiring and painful. I'm weak and weary from the losses I have suffered in my life and the pain that others have caused me. I'm too frustrated with my own inability to obey you and love others like I should. I feel like a constant failure, and a continual disappointment to you, and I need your help to change that. In fact, Lord God, I need more than your help. I need you to do it for me, because you know that I simply can't.

So I pray, Lord God, you will do whatever needs to be done to make your promise real to me heart. Make whatever changes need to be made so that I can trust in the sacrifice of your Lamb more fully. Use my life to glorify him, and honor you, in everything that I do.

By the power of your Spirit living in me, I pray. Amen, and amen!