Mercy Road Daily Prayer & Bible Reading ~ Monday, March 19, 2012

~ Read Exodus 17-18

Lord God,

I will follow wherever you lead. I will go wherever you command. I will do whatever you call me to do, Lord, because I know you are always with me, protecting me, and preserving my life. I know you will not let me down. I know you will not fail. Though the journey will be difficult and wrought with trouble, I know I have no reason to worry. I have nothing to fear; for, you are my banner, my strength, and my shield. You are my defender strong.

So, why is it, Lord, that I grumble? Why do I constantly complain? Why do I feel the need to point out every little thing that goes wrong with my life, when so much goes right? It's not as though my situation is hopeless, or that there is no one who really cares. Quite the opposite, my life is filled with people who love me, with friends and family who accept me despite my flaws and failures. In reality, every day is filled with beauty and blessing, if I just open my eyes to see it. In fact, even my worst days are better than they once were when I was enslaved by selfishness and sin. Now I am free of my guilt and my shame, and I have you to thank for that.

Lord, I realize there's no excuse for my grumbling and complaints; I'm just clearly still broken by sin. I guess, in all honesty, only do so because I feel entitled to something better, as if you owe me for being a half-hearted servant who worships you when I feel like it, and serves you in the ways that I want.

Forgive me, merciful God, for my foolishness and pride. Forgive my arrogance and sin; for I have no right to doubt you provision. I have no reason to assume you won't continue to provide for me just as you have in the past. Just because I've failed others, just as they have done to me, doesn't mean you will do the same. On the contrary, though I am fickle and false on all counts, you are always faithful and true.

So, I praise you, Lord God, for rescuing me, and saving me from my selfishness and sin. I thank you for the blessings you've given to me, and the goodness you've shown me again. I worship you because you are gracious, and kind, loving, truthful, and just. I love you because you first loved me, and showed me that love on the cross.

Help me, gracious God, to show others you love, to speak your truth, and demonstrate your grace in everything that I do. Never let my ego or personal feelings get in the way of my ministry for your kingdom, but always help me to see others as you do.

By your grace and for your glory, I pray all these things through Jesus, my salvation. Amen.