Mercy Road Daily Prayer & Bible Reading ~ Tuesday, March 20, 2012

~ Read Exodus 19-20

Lord God,

Sometimes, I feel like I'm in a spiritual desert where nothing is able to grow. Sometimes I feel as though my faith is cracked and dry, like ground that has been scorched by the relentless sun. Sometimes I feel like my heart has been frozen by cold, dark nights that seem to go on forever. Sometimes I feel like my hope, and energy have been sapped by a long journey through a barren and dusty land without any water to drink. Sometimes, Lord, my soul feels like a spiritual wasteland whose thirst will never be satisfied or quenched.

At other times, Lord, I see your blessings in my own life and remember the covenant you made with your people. I recall the way you cared for them and carried them out of their slavery; and I see the way that translates into my life, in how you saved me from my sin. I recognize that they are your treasured possession, and that I am part of that "they." I see that you will never abandon me, and I promise to trust and obey.

During those times, Lord, when I'm living for you and bathing in the grace you pour out on me, I find that I trust you more, and accept your will for my life. I find that the more I engage my faith in you, the more real you are to me. I find that the more I accept your promises as true, the more content and satisfied I am with your blessings. The more I participate in the life of your body, the more I feel your love, mercy, forgiveness and care. The more I give and serve, the more I see how your truth changes my life.

During those times, gracious God, I get a glimpse of your glory, and what it must have been like for those who stood at the foot of Mount Sinai when descended in a cloud to give them your law. It must have been scary. It must have been beautiful. It must have been an awesome sight to see. I pray that's what I'll remember of every time I look at your law. How AWESOME it was that you came down to give it to us!

For you did not give your law to ruin our fun, or make our lives miserable. You gave it to show us your perfect, and holy standard, that we could not possibly achieve. You gave it, so we'd recognize how hopeless we are without you, and how much we need your forgiveness and grace. You gave it, so we realize how much you love through Jesus, who died upon the cross for our sin. You gave your law to drive us to him.

So help me to put him first in my life, and rid my heart of all my idols, self, and sin, so that he might be honor in and through me, and I might bring glory to him. Amen!