Mercy Road Daily Prayer & Bible Reading ~ Wednesday, March 21, 2012

~ Read Exodus 21-22


I must admit; I don't always understand your word. Sometimes, I don't understand what a text means or how it applies to my life. I know that all of scripture is given by the inspiration of your Holy Spirit to reveal who you are and what you call me to do; however, I must confess that, occasionally, I don't get it. What do your instructions about servants have to do with me? How am I supposed to apply your teaching about personal injuries to my own life? I want to know what your word means so I can love and obey you; but right now, Lord, I just don't get it, and I need your help to understand.

Surely there's more to these chapters, than the master, servant relationship. I know that's the primary meaning, so that's how Israel would have understood it; but, needless to say, I have no servants, so how am I to apply these texts to my life? What does a servant's freedom have to do with me?

Is this text about my relationship with you? Does it illustrate how you treat me? Is it about my freedom in Christ and how he died to redeem my life? If so, then I think, I'm beginning to get it, and I thank you for opening my eyes and leading me to see how everything that is written in your holy word applies to me.

Though I don't always feel it in my own heart, I know my feelings can be deceptive. They often can't be trusted because feelings are fickle, and change like the weather. Consequently, regardless of how I feel at any given moment; I know I am redeemed through Jesus' sacrifice on the cross. I know he died to set me free from the guilt and shame of my sin, so that I could have a relationship with you, and serve you out of gratitude instead of fear.

Now, I praise you because I am thankful, Lord God. I worship you because of your love. Now, I live to please and obey you, because that's how I show you my love. That's why I honor my parents and speak well of them. That's why I don't quarrel our set out to hurt others, even if they hurt me first. That's why I try to be gentle, and kind, patient, fair, merciful, and just; not because I must earn my salvation, but because my salvation has already been earned for me by your Son, my Savior, and Lord, Jesus Christ.

Lord God, help us to live as your holy people today, by his grace and for his glory. I pray all these things in his precious name. Amen, and amen!