Mercy Road Daily Prayer & Bible Reading ~ Wednesday, April 4, 2012

~ Read Leviticus 1-2

Lord God,

Show me your favor and bless me. Demonstrate the wonders of your grace and fulfill your promise to save me. Be merciful to me, because I come to you for protection. Be gracious to me, and hide me under the shadow of your wings. Show me your unfailing love, your truth, and your faithfulness. Show me your greatness and reveal your glory to all the earth.

My confidence is in you, Lord God. You make my heart steady and faith secure. Though trials and troubles are always present in my life, you are faithful and just. Your everlasting love reaches to the heavens and your truth stretches over the clouds. Show your greatness in the sky, O God, Show me your greatness and reveal your glory to all the earth (Psalm 57).

Lord, there is so much injustice, greed, and hatred in the world. Our mouths are filled with gossip and deceit, our lips slander, and complain about those you call us to love, those you have created in your image (Psalm 58). We hide in the self-righteous belief that we are not the problem in this world because we go to church on Sunday and memorize a Bible verse or two on occasion; however, the truth is, Lord, we are no different than anyone else. Our sins are just as offensive to you. We too would be in danger of your judgment and wrath if it were not for the grace you poured out on our lives through your Lord, I know that my sins deserve your anger and judgment. I know my pride keeps me from seeking the help, comfort, and support you provide through your church, the body of believers. I know that my lust keeps me from experiencing the depth of others love for me. I realize that my lack of faith keeps me from sharing all that you have given me. I know that my greed makes me wonder what you've done for me lately, instead of being thankful for what you've always been doing in my life. I know that my guilt and shame keep me from me from approaching you and experiencing the forgiveness, grace and healing you provide through corporate worship and private prayer. I know I am broken, and in need of repair. I know I am sinful, and pray for your forgiveness.

Lord Jesus, I realize that no amount of crying or tears on my part can cover the cost of all my sin, but that's all I have to offer you: a broken and contrite heart (Ps. 51:17). I know that is terribly insufficient, but I pour myself out to you anyway, and rely upon your mercy and grace. I look to your sacrifice for redemption and rejoice in the forgiveness you provide.

Help me Lord, to be persistent in my prayers, to be mindful of your care and thankful for your provision. Help me to tell others about your mysterious grace, to be pleasant and kind in all that I do and say, ready to explain the hope and joy I have through you.

I pray in Jesus' name, Amen