Mercy Road Daily Prayer & Bible Reading ~ Friday, April 6, 2012

~ Read Leviticus 5-6
Lord God,

What can I do, to demonstrate my grief for the selfishness that stains my every action? How can I prove my sorrow for my sin? I am painfully aware of how often I fail to love and obey you the way I should. However, I cannot seem to make myself change. No matter how hard I try, or how ashamed I feel, I cannot be holy, as you are holy. I cannot be good, as you are good; because I not only do what I shouldn't, but I also fail to do what I should.

Indeed, Lord God, I am unclean. I am tainted and stained by my sin. I am often motivated by envy instead of joy. I am regularly filled with bitterness instead of love. My pride causes me to see myself as better than those around me, and my "self-righteousness" causes me to be offended by the things that others do and say, as if I am somehow above such behavior. Clearly, I am guilty, Lord, and need to be forgiven, but I can't afford a sacrifice sufficient to cover all my sin; because sins stain is so deep, that even the good things I do are tainted by my unrighteousness on some level (Is. 64:6) That is to say, it's not simply one room of my house that needs cleaned; it's the entire house. In fact, it doesn't just need cleaning, it needs to be remodeled. It needs to be entirely rebuilt; and I can't do that.

I can't fix what is broken inside of me, Lord, because it's too big of a mess. Though I'm constantly trying clean it up, it really needs to be torn down and built new. I can't repaint the walls because the plaster is falling down around me. I can't put down new carpet, because the floors are filled with large holes. I can't cover my brokenness with cosmetic decorations, because need to be completely rebuilt.

All that's to say, I know that I am guilty, Lord, and I don't deserve your love, but I rest upon the sacrifice of your Holy Lamb. I rest in his great mercy, and I stand upon his grace. I trust that I'm forgiven because of his righteousness. For he did what I could not do. He died on my behalf. He fulfilled the law's demands, and paid the penalty for my sin, so that, though I am guilty, and stained within, I'm washed and covered by the blood he shed for all my sin, that makes me holy, and acceptable to you.

He is my burnt offering, my grain offering, my fellowship offering, and my sin offering; all wrapped up in one. He is my perfect guilt offering, who atones for my sin and ensures my forgiveness. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Help me to love and obey you today.

In your holy name I pray, Amen.