Mercy Road Daily Prayer & Bible Reading ~ Monday, April 9, 2012

~ Read Leviticus 7-8

Lord God,

I know you are mighty and holy, Lord God. You understand you are awesome, in all your power and strength. I know you conquered my sin and selfishness. I realize you have risen, and beaten the power of death. I know you are glorious and worthy of all my worship. I know you alone deserve of all my praise.

In contrast, I know I am weak, flawed, and broken by sin. I recognized that my guilt is great, because my offenses against you are many. I know that my arrogance destroys the unity of your body. I see how my selfishness twists my priorities. I understand, gracious God, that my envy hardens my heart, and my bitterness causes strife. I know that my soul is stained by my greed, hypocrisy, and self-righteousness pride. Though I know I am guilty, and unworthy of your care, you say I'm forgiven by grace through faith in your Son, Jesus Christ.

You tell me there is no condemnation for those who are in Him. You say that I am free from the guilt of my sin; however, Lord, I must confess that I rarely feel it in my heart. More often, I feel like one who's been condemned. I usually don't feel like I'm forgiven or free. Sometimes, the weight of my guilt is just so heavy on my heart my spirit just aches for relief.

Lord, I long for your comfort and peace in my heart. I yearn for a closer relationship with you. I need more fellowship with your people and more time in your word. I want more passion and sympathy for those who don't know you. Lord, I need more confidence to share my faith with others, and more courage to invite them into your fellowship. I want more of your knowledge, your wisdom, and your truth. I need more of your understanding, and your grace, so that I can forgive others just as you have done for me.

Lord, help me to live out my days for your glory. Help me to do all things for you. By the grace and power of your Holy Spirit that dwells in my heart, I pray all these things in the awesome name of Jesus. Amen!