Mercy Road Daily Prayer & Bible Reading ~ Friday, April 13, 2012

~ Read Leviticus 15-16
Lord God

The Book of Leviticus talks a lot about cleanliness and the diseases that afflict the body. It tells us how you instructed your people in times past to cope with the infections, maladies, and infirmities that were a danger to their personal health, and the well being of their society. It demonstrated to them, as it should to us, how you care for both the spiritual and physical welfare of your people; and it shows us how the two are intrinsically related.

Lord, I confess that I don't often think about such things, because my life is so different from those who lived in Old Testament times. I admit that I don't often think about how you care for both my spiritual AND physical health. I don't ever stop to consider how the two are linked. Because of modern science and medicine, I don't really think about how they are both a gift from you.

Nevertheless, I know that they are. I know that my emotional, spiritual, and physical health, are all gifts from you; and I realize they all are closely related. What's more, I understand that you've given us modern science to help us understand our bodies, and medicine to help us care for them, and for that, I am truly grateful.

But ultimately, Lord, I recognize, that modern science and medicine, both have their limits. There is only so much they can tell me about my body, and so much they can do. Just as it was with the regulations and practices you prescribed in Leviticus, modern medicine and science can prolong my life for a time, but they cannot remove my sin or cure the consequence of my brokenness. Only you can truly heal what is wrong with my soul.

Only you can repair my heart and mind. Only you can fix my tired, ailing body. Though science and medicine provide some benefits for our lives, just like the regulations of Leviticus, only you can heal me Lord, and that is what I need from you today.

Heal my soul and forgive my sin. Cure my brokenness and make me pure again. In Christ's name, I pray. Amen