The reality of our brokenness and God's grace

A great hymn by John Newton that I referenced this morning in the Mercy Road Daily Prayer. It's structure is simple. Two verses focused on God's omniscience and provision of grace through Christ bookend the three middle verses which deal primarily, with the weight of the reality of our brokenness. Those middle three verses are so reminiscent of William Cowper hymns, which often seem to have a melancholy feel due to Cowper's sever struggles with depression, I wonder if Newton wrote them while collaborating with his depressed friend. Whatever the case, it's brilliant. I may have to come up with some music for this hymn someday, to be used at Mercy Road.

119 —— C.M. —— J. Newton
Access to God in Christ. Eph. 2. 18; 3. 12; Heb 10. 19

Great God! from thee there’s nought concealed,
Thou seest my inward frame;
To thee I always stand revealed
Exactly as I am!

Since I can hardly, therefore, bear
What in myself I see;
How vile and black must I appear,
Most holy God, to thee!

But since my Saviour stands between,
In garments dyed in blood,
’Tis he, instead of me, is seen,
When I approach to God.

Thus, though a sinner, I am safe;
He pleads, before the throne,
His life and death in my behalf,
And calls my sins his own.

What wondrous love, what mysteries,
In this appointment shine!
My breaches of the law are his,
And his obedience mine.