7 Signs That You’re Way Too Busy

( from Stepcase Lifehack )

“Busy” used to be a fair description of the typical schedule. More and more, though, “busy” simply doesn’t cut it. “Busy” has been replaced with “too busy”, “far too busy”, or “absolutely buried.”

It’s true that being productive often means being busybut it’s only true up to a point. As you likely know from personal experience, you can become so busy that you reach a tipping pointa point where your life tips over and falls apart because you can no longer withstand the weight of your commitments.

Once you’ve reached that point, it becomes fairly obvious that you’ve over-committed yourself.
The trick, though, is to recognize the signs of “too busy” before you reach that tipping point. A little self-assessment and some proactive schedule-thinning can prevent you from having that meltdown.
To help you in that self-assessment, here are 7 signs that you’re way too busy: