Who Are You, Really?

Who are you? Sounds like a crazy question, I know, but it’s not. It was the question Absalom asked of Alice when she first arrived in wonderland, as well as the title track to The Who’s 1978 platinum album. More importantly, though, it’s a fundamental question of our existence.

Who are you? When you first hear that question, what do you think of? If you are like most people you probably think of your name, job title, or relational role to others, such as husband or wife, mother or father, child, sibling, friend, etc. But is that who you are, really?

If so, what would happen if one or all of those things disappeared, as they did for Job? What would happen if you lose your job? What would happen if your spouse left you? What would happen if your children died? What would happen if your friends abandoned you? If you defined yourself by those things, what would happen to your identity, if you suddenly, G forbid, you lost them all?

Join us at Mercy Road as we investigat these question and more in our new message series, "Who Are YOU?"

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